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Update:Jan. 6, 2016

Current Version:3.0.2

Andriod Size:8.0 MB

Ios Size:10.99 MB

Handlist - Sell&Buy Used Stuff

By Inc.



Use Handlist to make money by selling the things you don’t need and spend less buying things you need! Used stuff for sale near you, including sales by individuals, antique vintage stores, garage sales, content sales, auction events.

Provides the most up-to-date feeds for users by learning what the users enjoy through Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Big Data analysis obtained from their daily use.

Easy and fun to sell! Post items in a few seconds, items will be displayed in multiple channels according to location, category and user preferences. Free posting! Users can also post garage sales, content sales for free! Secure online payment and delivery service to safeguard the transactions, ensure the transactions complete within the shortest time, effectively increase the transaction success rate!

Handlist combines Stores, auction companies, content sale organizations, individual sellers, and buyers in one platform, the communication based direct selling effectively shorten the trade cycle, reduce the costs of the transactions, open source for individuals and businesses at a cheaper, faster, and more convenient way to buy and sell!

Take the Toronto’s largest online antique market with you, discover one-of-a kind items wherever you go! Everything about Antique Vintage at your fingertips!

Handlist provides consignment, repair, house content and estate sales services.

Start using Handlist and enjoy!

What's New in Version 3.0.2:

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