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Those older pieces of furniture have the good lines or the good bones. And they were made of solid wood. We rejuvenate them to give a fresher look. Painted furniture distressed to show signs of wear and tear--the soft, cottage style can emphasize the cozy, fresh, and stylish spirit of your home interior. Shabby chic furniture, Rustic tables are becoming more popular than ever as they express the inner characters of yours—vivacious, fashionable, and unique taste!
Add those charms to your interior!


Handcrafted Just for You

Each piece is designed, cut, glued, screwed, upholstered, and finished by our skilled craftsmen inc.

process 1: clean

This thing was coated in years of dust and grime and spiders, so it took me a good twenty minutes just to give it a sponge bath. So, this is what it looked like after I cleaned it...still not good.

process 2: scuffed up

Once we finished sanding down the wood filler, we lightly scuffed up the entire surface area with some super fine grit sandpaper and then wiped down all the surfaces again, making sure they were free from dust.

process 3: primed the dresser

We primed the dresser. Primer makes the paint adhere without having to sand down the wood like a crazy person. Look for a primer that says 'adhesion' on it, like the one I used here.

process 4: paintbrush

We used an angled paintbrush and a mini foam roller, brushing the paint on with the paintbrush and smoothing it out with the roller if needed.